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#CPU #Intel #AMD
Is it better to go for a processor with screaming single core performance, or will you get more performance from having more cores?

Navigating the CPU market minefield can be tricky, especially if you don’t know your hyper-threading from your cache RAM… but hopefully this CPU primer will help you understand some of the concepts and make a sensible choice.

Either that, or you will fall asleep. Sleep can be good, no? .

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Single Core vs Multi Core - Which is more important? A CPU primer.
Single Core vs Multi Core – Which is more important? A CPU primer.

นอกจากการเรียนรู้เนื้อหาของบทความ Single Core vs Multi Core – Which is more important? A CPU primer. นี้แล้ว ติดตามเนื้อหาเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ด้านล่าง right


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#Single #Core #Multi #Core #important #CPU #primer.

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Single Core vs Multi Core – Which is more important? A CPU primer..

cpu to day.

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  1. skenox says:

    Hey first of all thank you for the great explanation, so for Video editing it is better to have a better single core CPU? Do you think a AMD Ryzen 5 5600x will do a better job than the AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (my current CPU, with lots of preview issues in After Effects)?

    Not sure what I want to buy, maybe you have a recommendation

  2. Srinivas Kandru says:

    Microsoft Excel data analysis Vlookup calculations, SQL server query with 50 million row count use which one.. multi threading or single thread?? Will they use more ram or cpu? For the above need which one you suggest, AMD ryzen or Intel i9… please reply.. thank you sir..
    Love from India

  3. Suyog Ghosh says:

    I'm planning to buy the tuf dash f15 which has i7 4 core processor with rtx 3070. I will only use it for ms office along with 10-20 tabs in chrome at office with some casual 4k gaming at home. Should I wait for amd version?

  4. Hirez Skander says:

    Thank you for the explanation it's what I needed right now, but what do you recommend for gaming? AMD ryzen 5 5600h or Ryzen 7 4800h? Ryzen got more single cores but ryzen 7 got more cores 8

  5. chandan says:

    For office work like Excel with 25 mb load with multiple excel running…

    why system get slow and also it will stuck… and not working…
    For this which u would prefer AMD 6 core 12 tread… or Intel 11 Generation 4 core 8 tread … which will perform well…

  6. Md K Ashif says:

    Recently I bought acer nitro 5 i5 11th gen sir… Choice Between i5 11th gen and ryzen 5 4600h… the shopkeeper recommended me i5 11th gen.. they had both ryzen 4600h nd intel… He said this was newly launched 2021 model wit 11th gen so i bought intel one… What do u think?

  7. RAHUL KHANNA says:

    I liked and understand mojor part of what you said
    Now just tell me for Gaming..are most games optimised for multi core or not
    I want to play games…thats it

  8. Biker1 says:

    What is more important for stock trading cpu's? Single or multicore and which would you recommend for running on platforms like Fidelity's Active Trader Pro (which is plagued with issues I've been encountering such as streaming data freezing -including charts that stop streaming updated prices, trade tickets freezing, market orders not getting filled on volatile days, incorrect data showing up, etc etc. Regardless I'm looking at the 5900x I just got or would I be better with a newer Intel Processor? I will prolly leave Fidelity due to these issues (I'm not the only one having these). I currently am using an Intel 4790k on a Gigabyte Gaming 7 z97x mobo with 32 gigs of ddr3 Ram, Window 10 pro with an MSI 1660 Ventus Super card with 3 displayport 1.4 and 1 hdmi. (Need to use at least 4 monitors) and preferably want to upgrade all to 4k 27"-32" monitors. Any advice would be much appreciated!

  9. Sven Jeschke says:

    Single core performance is quite important for me. I play guitar through AU plug-ins in Logic Pro X, and when I enable input monitoring Logic only uses 1 thread for the channel. One single thread has to have sufficient power to run all plug-ins on that channel (usually an amp sim, an IR loader, EQ, compression, sometimes delay or other effects).

  10. Yusuf yusuf says:

    It's not the single thread performance or the multi threaded performance that is important for a modern CPU. In a real world scenario the one that gets maximum performance when running 3 to 4 cores will be the best CPU because most applications only use a maximum of three or four cores efficiently.

  11. Max Nguyen says:

    So for the average consumer would the 4/6 core mac pro be better than the 8/12 core? I have a 6 ore 2013 mac pro and was thinking of the e5 2667 v2. Since it seems to have more single and multi core performance than my 6 core.
    I don't do any video/music editting. Just a lot of chrome tabs, email, messaging programs, multiple desktops.

  12. James Crowley says:

    Your channel is going to blow up – mark my words. When you have 100,0000 to 200,000 subscribers I’ll say told ya so. Great content and info, keep up the stellar work and content.

  13. V'Ger says:

    Hertz used to be important, for single or dual core. But the amount of cores and threads are just as important, Example, 1 man, shovelling sand, doing 30 shovels a min VS 10 men shovelling 20 shovels a min, results in 30 for single man at 30, vs 200 for 10 men at lower speed. Just not all programs utilize all cores and threads, there is where Hertz comes to forefront.
    Then there is bit size, eg, 32 bit to 64 bit, then to 128 bit, if the new cpu's can run at same speed taking bigger chunks of data, makes for greater performance.

    Thanks for video. Keep them up.

  14. V'Ger says:

    I'd like for someone to do a top model review of Trashcan mac, Top core and video cards the D700, I'd like to own one my self, but would need to be top model as i do game as well. I like the Look of it more than new mac pro 2019. Besides you can get the top model for half of cost of base model on 2019.

  15. Miguel Ibaceta says:

    Excellent video! I want to see your channel grow. I'm always trying to explain to my friends why a new processor, like the I3-1000NG4, outperforms the I5-8210Y. They tend to believe what matters is the number after the letter or the GHz.

  16. Deputy Nordburg says:

    Thanks for making this series. My 2009 Mac pro just died, and I've decided to buy a 2013. It's in the mail now, so I am looking at options. I will most like stay with the 4 core as I'm mostly doing non-pro aps (iMovie, and iPhoto) aside from Photoshop. I will add a larger SSD, and more RAM, probably 32GB.  
    I always thought the 12GB RAM model was funny. People were always selling the 4TB sticks on ebay for next to nothing and you could go 12 to 16GB for like $10.
    Alos , someone should have made a HD enclosure to site under this and look right. A 5 drive NAS is about the right size. But someone could have been artistic and made round one for that Cray Supercomputer look.

  17. D R U K says:

    Another beautifully executed video. Subscribed. My only regret is I didn't sub sooner. Thanks for your efforts and time creating and editing your publications.


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